1. USB problems

Verify that the issues are not USB-related by following the article: The USB ports do not work. If the USB ports on the operator panel work correctly, the issue can be narrowed down to specifically the operator panel part of the device.

Always try all USB ports on the PC in case of a non-functioning device.

2. Driver related issues

Ensure the device is using the correct driver by going to the device manager, and see if there are any devices with an error sign under "Human Interface Devices" or under "Universal Serial Bus Controllers"

USB device experiencing problems

Click the device, go to the Events tab, and see if the device is the operator panel by looking for the correct VID and PID. In the information box there should be an occurrence of "Device USB\VID_16C0&PID_0554..." This means it is an operator panel.

Operator panel device

Under the VID and PID is the driver name, this should be "input.inf". If this deviates from that, follow the How to manually select the correct driver in windows article from step 4 onwards. Note that this was written for the wireless pendant, but the steps will be the same regardless.

If there are no devices with the error symbol, open all devices labeled "USB Input Device" and still check if one of them matches the VID and PID as described above. If the device is not listed there at all, the device may be damaged.

3. My issue is not listed here

After checking all these steps and when the device is still not working correctly, contact the support team for a resolution. The device may be broken, or a specific configuration issue might cause the device to not work.