If your Wireless Pendant is not registered by our software after following all steps in the setup, please follow these steps.

Please first connect the wireless handwheel USB receiver.

When using windows in another language than English please be advised that certain terms are also translated. Use a translator tool or follow the steps based on the icons in the pictures.

1. Open device manager

2. Go to Human Interface Devices

3. Look for USB Input device. Double click the first one and go to Events and search for USB\VID_10CE&PID_EB91..... on the first line. If this is not there exactly, select the next USB Input device in the list.

If the device is not in the Human Interface Devices category, also check the Universal Serial Bus devices category.

4. Once the correct device has been found, Go to Driver -> Update driver -> Browse my computer for drivers -> Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer -> Have Disk -> browse

5. Navigate to C:/Windows/INF and select input.inf and press Open

6. Press Ok on the Install from disk screen

7. Press Next and close all open windows.

8. Restart the software and see if the Wireless Pendant works

You should now have a fully functional Wireless Pendant as evident from the WirelessPendant window