Step 1. Check bootloader starts

Make sure that the bootloader is activated at startup. This is done by removing JP11.

And of course, make sure the controller is connected to the PC.

Step 2. Start bootloader application

Next, start the bootloader application, power up the controller, and connect to the board by clicking on 'Connect'.

Please note, the bootloader will time out after about 5 seconds and continue to run the installed firmware. In that case simply remove the power and retry.

Step 3. Load firmware

After the connection is made this is shown in the dialog. This means the application is now connected to the bootloader.

Next, load the firmware by clicking on 'Browse', and when loaded click on 'Program'.

Step 4. Restart the board

When the programming has finished you can simple click on 'Reset Board' to restart the board. 

Note, you can place jumper JP11 back if you want to prevent access to the bootloader.

If the jumper is not placed back the board will take a little longer to start up since it will first have to time-out from the bootloader firmware.