The 0-10V signal is generated by using a PWM signal. Sometimes there are non linearities in the spindle speed or a different output range is required. The software allows you to customize this by creating a custom table of values. To use this special table instead of the default behavior you need to indicate in the setup that the 'PWM Compensation' needs to be active. In that case a file is loaded for this. The file name for this is contained in 'pwmCompensationFileName'. If this compensation is switched on, but the file does not exist, it will automatically be created.

Below is an example of such a file:

The number on the left side is the spindle speed and on the right side the required PWM value 0-100%. You can see the PWM value also in the I/O screen.

Normally the 0-100% corresponds to 0-10V, but by changing the PWM percentage you could also realize a 0-5V (0-50%) output signal.