feedOverideSource = 1

adaptiveSpindlePowerFeedOv = 0

analogFeedOvAtMaxVoltage = 0.000

analogFeedOvAtMinVoltage = 0.000

analogStopOnHigherTreshold = 0




This indicates the source that is used for feed speed override, this is filled in through the GUI, please do not do this manually. 

In the setup this can be found:




If this is enabled it will the analog input is the power of the spindle. Software will control the feed according to spindle power. Higher power = lower feed.

If this is enabled, ramping up and down will not be be considered, this will only be active if the spindle is switched on.




This is the maximum override value 0-300% that will occur at that maximum voltage, so the maximum ADC voltage. For example, if you want 0-200% this value would be 200.000. 




This is the minimum override value 0-300% that will occur that minimum voltage, so the minimum ADC voltage. This would normally be 0V. Default this would be 0.000, indicating 0%. If you would like just a minimum feed to be would  10% this would be 10.0000.


If analogFeedOvAtMaxVoltage and analogFeedOvAtMaxVoltage equal then it’s 0-300%.




This value, a voltage between the ADC minimum and maximum voltage, indicates a threshold that will cause the machine to go into pause mode. Depending on the GUI setting this can also cause the spindle to be stopped in pause mode.