We consider a limit switch to be something else than a homing switch. Although this sounds logical it's important to understand the difference as we as EdingCNC look at this.

Basically, a limit switch is part of the safety circuit of your machine. If activated the machine should switch off immediately. Because this is a safety feature this automatically means that this switch can not be the same as a homing switch, in fact, the switch should not even be connected through the e-stop input of our controller but directly to the safety circuit (relay) of the machine. Connecting it through our controller can in case of a hardware failure of the controller cause the limit switch signal not to be used for anything. So, don't route safety signals through any electronics but only directly to eg. safety relay.

If you look at the position of the homing switch compared to the limit switch this is will be different. The limit switch indicates the physical end of an axis of the machine and a position that should not normally be reached of course.

The position of the home switch can actually be anywhere, however, normally this is positioned at almost the end of an axis. The switch should be mounted at a position at which the machine can move a little beyond this switch since it needs to decelerate when homing to its position and detecting it.