Our G-Code standard RS274 is derived from Fanuc, but Fanuc also has different dialects.

For that reason, we don't have a complete list of supported CAM software.
As long as the CAM software can output G-Code compatible with our software, that CAM software can be then used with Eding CNC.

It is possible that you can get CAM software to work with our software if the postprocessors are adjusted a bit.
A good place to start are postprocessors for Linux CNC, MACH3 or FANUC.
You can also find example postprocessors in "cnc-jobs" directory.

CAM software that works with EdingCNC and we recommend:

CAM software names that are reported to work by our customers:

Below list is not verified by EdingCNC

  • ArtCAM
  • SheetCAM
  • CamBam
  • EstlCAM
  • Vectric products
  • Inventor
  • FreeCAD
  • SprutCAM
  • MasterCAM
  • Mechsoft (Rhino CAM and many others)
  • Mechsoft Visual Mill
  • Mechsoft Visual Turn
  • BobCAD
  • Espirit
  • AlibreCAM

Please note that we do not have any control over any of the software listed above or the postprocessors they offer. Therefore, we cannot offer support for these or provide information about third-party CAM software such as exact version/configuration, the list is entirely based on our customers' feedback.